Januari 2019

Jual Majalah BALI PLUS Januari 2019

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Once again, we’re back to where it all begins – in the month of January in the brand new year. Last year, every man, woman and child came together in hope, fervently praying for a successful 2019 in the aftermath of Mount Agung. Now that the island’s lively tourism industry is back in full swing, let us take a step back and maybe think a little about how we can all give back to the island that has given us so much.

Throughout the year, there’s been plenty of news about plastic pollution here in Bali. There are photographs, videos and recordings on TV, newspapers and especially on social media. Bali’s plastic pollution has reached a frightening level with tons upon tons of plastic washed up on our shores every morning. Perhaps recycling is not the answer as we seem to be producing more plastic waste than any recycling plant can handle. Perhaps we need to spread the message one person at a time, make a change one small step at a time, and see the difference that we can all make together. Plastic pollution is going to affect all of us eventually but the good news is that making a difference is easy. Instead of using plastic, carry your own reusable bag. Use paper straws. Try reusable water bottles instead of plastic bottles – this can be a bit hard especially when it is raging hot outside and there are no water stations in sight. But whatever small step you can take, know that it will make a major difference. Together, we can reduce plastic pollution.

With that in mind, let’s mindfully celebrate the brand new year with some awesome deals and offers. You can find amazing deals at your favourite hotels, villas, restaurants and beach clubs in our What’s New and Hot Deals pages. There is happy hour every night and unbeatable shopping. Events, exhibitions and Balinese cultural occasions can be found in Don’t Miss, and party animals can flip to the back and check out our Party Agenda pages. Not to forget, Bali’s beautiful terrain is waiting to be explored; legendary waves, sparkling beaches, mystifying crater lakes, underwater world, mountains and hills are but a car ride away. Revel in the most breathtaking culture in the world as the beautiful Balinese people astound you with their unique art, culture, religion and way of life. Bali is truly one of a kind, there is only one Bali in the world and it is waiting for you to return. Reviews are personal recommendations, tried-and-tested so you’ll be sure to experiencenothing but the best while you’re here. Check out our reviews on Cocoon Beach Club, Kayumanis Spa, Qatar Airways, Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace and Veganuary at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort this January.

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