November 2017

Jual Majalah BALI & BEYOND English November 2017

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Tanggal rilis: 26 October 2017.

‘Om Swastiastu...’

Rich with age-old traditions, Indonesia is like a wonderland for art enthusiasts. From traditional textiles to modern paintings, we have them all, making the archipelago, particularly Bali, one of the best destinations in the world for those who like to explore art. Celebrating the country’s unique arts and crafts, we are determined to bring you closer with the nation’s both classic and contemporary creations.

Pay a visit to the workshop of Threads of Life in Ubud to learn more about Indonesian heirloom-quality textiles. Flip through our ‘CRAFT & CULTURE’ where we join a fun batik class and discover how Threads of Life works with over 1,000 fabric makers across the country to preserve this heritage. A talk with founder of Cata Odata art house, Ratna Odata, also gives insights about the challenges that local artists often have to face – we feature this interview in ‘PROFILE & PORTRAIT’.

Bali is home to numerous talented unexposed local photographers. Aiming to encourage them in creating marvelous photos, the Perhimpunan Fotografer Bali (Bali’s Photographer Community) held the 3rd Bali Photo Awards 2017 photo competition with the theme “Air dalam Budaya” (“Water in Traditions”) – see the amazing work of the winners in our ‘FOTO FOLIO’. Last but not least, our contributor Edna Tarigan discovers contemporary artworks at Art:1 Museum in Jakarta, which she shares in ‘CAPITAL CORNER’.

Happy fl ipping through our pages and enjoy some fun art hunting in Indonesia! ‘Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om…’

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