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Jual Majalah BALI & BEYOND English Maret 2018

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Tanggal rilis: 16 March 2018.

‘Om Swastiastu...’

For the past 19 years, Bali & Beyond Magazine has been a great supporter to the hospitality and tourism industry in Bali and across Indonesia. But amidst this increasingly digital era, we believe that 2018 is the perfect time for us to make a transformation. As of this year, we are becoming a quarterly magazine and moving a step closer to our objective of being 100 percent online, while still delivering travel, culture and lifestyle stories from the archipelago with fi nesse.

Marking the beginning of our new transformation, this January-March 2018 issue takes you to some of the most inspiring places in Bali with concepts that bring us to the future. Our ‘DINE & DELIGHTS’ discovers SoulBytes, the new restaurant in Seminyak that is not just presenting delectable dishes but is also rich with philosophies that will make you ponder life. The Bandha Hotel & Suites will make it easy for you to scout for amazing places to see in Bali with “Handy”, a smartphone provided in each room with unlimited internet connection that you can access during your stay. Find out more about it in ‘REST & RELAXATION.’

As a one-stop beauty center, Eden Life Centres will see you through and provide everything you need to be at your best. This is the place to have non-invasive beauty or wellness treatments with the use of current technology and high-quality products. Another spa sanctuary to visit is The Spa at Padma Resort Legian where you can soothe your sore muscles with the Herbal Bundle treatment that consists of Indonesian herbal ingredients. Flip through our ‘INVITE & INDULGE’ for more details on Eden Life Centres and The Spa at Padma Resort Legian.

We have more stories to share with you, such as cruising with Bulan Baru surf charter and exploring the new National Library of Indonesia in Jakarta in ‘ACTION & ATTRACTION’ and ‘CAPITAL CORNER’ respectively. As we wish you happy fl ipping through our pages, we would also like to invite you to check out our digital platform (website and social media accounts) as we aim to be Indonesia’s #1 travel portal that is just one click away for all our loyal readers, wherever you may be.

‘Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om…’

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