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Tanggal rilis: 29 January 2020.

WHY ARCHITECTS NEED TO TRAVELWe believe that the learning process for architecture is lifelong and requires more than an exploration in the realm of theory and design ideas. As much as travelling is often labelled as leisure activity, architects have much to benefit from their trained senses, embarking on voyages to seek profound, personal understanding.


In this new section from this issue onward, we will interview the impactful architects of our time and place, unearthing their valuable insight to be shared with our readers. We disclose Andra Matin’s design process, personal background, and thinking about architecture.

BUILT PROJECTS : Project by ASEAN Architects :

WOHA, Duangrit Bunnag Architects Ltd., Han Awal and Partners + Arkonin, Vin Vavarn Architects,

Department of Architecture, 1+1>2 Architects, Ong & Ong, Aboday, Budi Pradono Architects, AK+Archipedia

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