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Tanggal rilis: 01 June 2014.

Welcome back to our latest issue #32 of Animavericks Magazine in which we called it a DOUJIN edition of Animavericks Magazine! Why doujin? The answer is simple! We would like to show our appreciation to all doujin artists all around the world who have supported anime industry and fandom through their magnificent work of arts in many forms, be it manga, illustration, light novel, or even video games and professional anime. We would like to also reminisce on our old days back when Animavericks was firstly formed we always used Doujin illustration in our cover from edition 1-edition 10 and even giving space in our magazine content for fan manga in a bid of showing our support to Australian fan artists.

In this doujin edition, we have brought plenty of doujin coverage for your enjoyment. From reviewing Touhou Anime Project: Memories of Phantasm; review of Australian independent video game release, Unhack; and also reviewing one of the most celebrated Australian doujin artist circles, team Alice Overture or used to be called Lillium Visual. Not only that, but we also have many other healthy dosage of fresh anime reviews and video games reviews along with Asian pop culture reviews like Jpop and Kpop. Don’t forget to check out our Japanese movie coverage featuring one of the biggest and most anticipated Japanese films this year, Kuroshitsuji or the Black Butler Live Action!

This edition will be guaranteed to be a celebration for all anime fans and Asian pop fans alike! So sit tight and start flicking your latest issue of Animavericks Magazine issue #32 and hope you enjoy the show!

Bahasa : English
Negara : Indonesia
Penerbit : Mavericks Media Corporation
Jumlah halaman : 52
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