Urbanization, Human Capital, and Regional Development The Indonesian Experiences

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Tanggal rilis: 22 July 2019.

“This is a timely book addressing challenges facing Indonesia as 70 percent of our population will be urbanized in the near future and the urgent need to develop our human capital as 50 percent of our population is below 30. It is a must read and reference for all, especially for policy makers as we think through how to ensure development will be achieved in a balanced way throughout Indonesia’s regions.”

—Mari Elka Pangestu

Minister of Trade, Republic of Indonesia 2004-2011

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia 2011-2014

Professor, Faculty of Economy and Business, University of Indonesia

“Urbanization, human capital and regional development demography are very important issues for Indonesia. How the Indonesian economy cope with that? This execellent book written by researchers from Fiscal Policy Agency of Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia will help you to walk through this question.”

—Muhammad Chatib Basri

Minister of Finance, Republic of Indonesia, 2013-2014

Professor, Faculty of Economy and Business, University of Indonesia

“We hope this book will contribute to the thoughts of the Ministry of Finance amid the scarcity of literature on development issues, especially from a government perspective. Hopefully, the publication of this book can enrich the knowledge that will benefit Indonesia’s development in the future.”

—Prof. Suahasil Nazara

Head of Fiscal Policy Agency

Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia

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