The Sniper

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Tanggal rilis: 27 September 2016.

To my wife,

I trapped into unlucky position in this battle. My post attacked by enemy. I separated, alone, and my whole body full of injuries.

My friends were arrested. With improper weapons I had, could I survive? While my enemy continuously roamed and they ready to kill me anytime.

But, I have to survive. I have to. Because far away, thousand kilometres from my current place, you and your clear eyes had been waiting for me. I will not let those eyes drop the tears just because of me.

The battle had been taught me about many things. About the loyalty and betrayal. About friend and enemy. About love and hate. About unity and disunity. Thus, I will face this battle, once again. But, if I cannot go back home with the soul in my body, I will tell you that I am here and unite with our homeland and I will not let anyone disturb its unity. And don’t let your clear eyes drop the tears of the sadness.

Bahasa : English
Negara : Indonesia
Penerbit : Penerbit Gerrmedia Komik
Penulis : Rizqi Turama
Jumlah halaman : 279
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