Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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Tanggal rilis: 11 November 2019.

“I’m happy to have been a part of history, however small my role was.” The words of Wardiman Djojonegoro reveal Indonesian history the way only a man who worked alongside Ali Sadikin, B. J. Habibie and Soeharto can. The modest 85-year-old, a former education minister and current foundation chairman at the Habibie Center, recalls the younger days of a “big village” Jakarta and says it was the country’s third president who taught him the keys to national development.

This is what Peter Zack, a reporter for the Jakarta Globe, wrote on 18 April 2009. In the present English translation of his 2014 memoir, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Reminiscences of Working with Three Great Indonesians, 1966–1998, Wardiman invites us to take a walk down memory lane and in so doing he tells us something about his life and career, as well as sharing his thoughts on a lifetime of public service under three great Indonesians. He also tells us about his secrets of how to age gracefully and his thoughts on the future of Indonesian education. The book’s core theme can be summed up in his reply to a high school student who asked him about the key to his lifetime success: “Wherever you are placed, do your best!”

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