Political Corruptions in Indonesia

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Tanggal rilis: 24 February 2020.

"There have been thousands of anti-corruption studies undertaken

by various universities and research centers, and we have come across

many findings and conclusions that in general that corruption is systemic,

endemic and widespread. Corruption has weakened state institutions as

well as the very fabric of society despite up to a certain extent corruption

seems to function as 'lubricant' for economic development. In countries

where democracy and rule of law are weak, corruption has always played

an instrumental role, albeit with its corrosive effects, to the future of such

countries. Needless to say that no one country can totally distance itself

from corruption.

Corruption can be studied from the economic, political, anthropological

or legal perspectives, and in fact they have been complimentary to one and

another. In my opinion the mother of corruption has always been political

corruption in various forms of grand corruption, and worse than that in a form

of state capture corruption where state is being hijacked merely for personal

and political gains. Parliament and government, local and central, have been

used and abused to facilitate illicit financingto individuals' and parties' coffers.

It is not surprising to see that certain legislations or presidential decrees were

issued to legalize the business activities of certain enterprises which on the

surface seem to be legal but upon further scrutiny into the business one may

find that there are so many irregularities.

Indonesia is no exception. Political corruption is so rampant and

blatantly naked. Everybody is aware of continuing political corruption but

no one single government has ever attempted to seriously fight to eradicate

corruption. There is so much at stake and no one would dare touch it.

One would be tempted to argue that the interest of the government or the


ruling parties are so embedded in the practice of political corruption that it

would be detrimental to their own survival if they were to bury the practice.

My work is an introduction to the complexities of political corruption and

is still in preliminary stage. This is part of a larger study and considerably a

work-in-progress that came out from one semester at Harvard Kennedy School.

Admittedly, there is a lot more to be done to complete this study, but

my intention to publish this preliminary work is due to the fact that the subject

needs to be thoroughly discussed, therefore, any opinion and criticism would

be most welcome."

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