How Muslims Find Their God

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Tanggal rilis: 08 March 2014.

Man is creature of God for the believer, in Islam, the last religion descended by Allah, Muslims must obey His orders to reach His mercy of His heaven. The main tasks of Muslims are established regular 5 times prayers, read Holy Quran and implement it in daily life. In reality most Muslims are obedient prayers, but actually they are godless or do not know how to deal with Allah. The book tells life journey of the author who has lived in top managerial position until Allah took it back and starting journey to find God. The journey was so painful, miserable and unpredictable until he found out who he is, who the God is and what He would like us to do. He practices the finding and finds happiness in life. It told about how is like to be and always together with Allah all the time, how all negative traits gradually disappeared and what steps must be done to get mercy of Allah. It also told what went wrong with the others, what they think of and what they miss, although they are obedient Muslims.

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