Distinguished-Trilogy Book 1: Man’s Defender (English Version)

Jual Buku Distinguished-Trilogy Book 1: Man’s Defender (English Version) oleh Maisie Junardy, Donna Widjajanto

Oleh Maisie Junardy , Donna Widjajanto

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Tanggal rilis: 08 December 2016.

Making friends with an avatar? A month ago, Alex would never have

imagined that he would have a personal avatar and develop close

friendship with her. Alex was just a weak teenage boy who was

always bullied and had no friends. He was so miserable that every

night he was haunted by horrific nightmares.

It all started because his family constantly kept moving around the

globe. Finally, they ended up in Pescara (which was the hometown of

Alex’s father, Marco). Alex blamed his horrible situation on his

father’s chosen profession.

One day, Alex could not tolerate the situation anymore and broke

into his father’s study. From that point onwards, everything about

him changed.

Alex was introduced to CAASI (Culture-Art Application and

Simulation Interface) and encountered Viska, the avatar girl. Viska

took him all around the world and introduced him to the unique and

diverse cultures of the world. Viska also taught him the meaning of

true friendship, courage, wisdom and love!

Just at the time when Alex has started feeling like his life is

beginning to have meaning again, he suddenly faces larger problems,

serious problems that far exceed his minor family conflict. Alex

might have to defend CAASI with all his strength or otherwise, he

will be on the verge of losing his new best friend, Viska the

avatar. A great danger is lurking around Marco’s sophisticated

invention. It is in his best interests that Alex has to do

something to defend his friend!

Technology should be used to preserve and transmit the world’s rich

and diverse cultures, which is the basis of the character-formation

for each distinct individual in the world; each with their own

uniqueness. It should also be used to create harmonious living in a

multicultural setting.


Bahasa : English
Negara : Indonesia
Penerbit : Maisie Junardy dan Donna Widjajanto
Penulis : Maisie Junardy , Donna Widjajanto
Jumlah halaman : 270
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