Current Issues in English Education Linguistics and Literature

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Tanggal rilis: 16 April 2019.

This book contains a collection of articles written by lecturers in a Language Teacher Training Institution. The work represents the area of expertise of the authors and showcase the range of field of knowledge involved in preparing for professional language teachers. A prospective language teacher should go through a learning process in the fields of Linguistics, Pedagogy, and professional development. This book provides valuable reading for students (who are preparing to be language teachers), educators and researchers. In the first part of the book, there are 6 articles written in the areas of Language Pedagogy, Literature, and Information Technology; the second part comprises 4 articles on assessment in English as a Foreign Language instructions; in part 3 there are 4 articles in Linguistics and Discourse Analysis; and finally, in part 5, there is an article on teachers’ professional development research. The majority of the articles are research-based so they can be treated as first hand references for further research in ‘teacher-related fields’.

Bahasa : English
Negara : Indonesia
Penerbit : PT RajaGrafindo Persada
Penulis : Luh Putu Artini
Jumlah halaman : 264
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