Culture in Sustainable Development : Harmony through Differences

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Tanggal rilis: 06 February 2018.

Today, human knowledge and science have far developed to an unimaginably complex thought close to comprehensive conclusion. Yet, crisis situation in humanity still exists worse than before. It looks like there is in reverse situation to what human had achieved. What is actually happening ?

However, the light at the end of tunnel rises up, that is when culture becomes a key in sustainable development. Unfortunately, people just concerned with the role or, strictly speaking, products of culture to yield to nothing but further questions pertaining involution between culture and sustainable development.

For that reason, the author presents herein a thorough elaboration on culture, its essence as well as its products in a wide-range scope in postulating conclusive involution as to what culture is, why human needs culture, why culture is underscored as key in human development and how culture embeds in sustainable development

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