Book / Magazine / Newspaper is not available even after the purchase is done

Have you tried to restore your purchase? checked your pending transaction? checked your Cloud?

If the answer is "No", follow these instruction below:

  1. Open Gramedia Digital
  2. Login with your Gramedia Digital account
  3. Find the item by using Search bar
  4. Download the item.
  5. Find the donwloaded item in Library

If the problem stil occurs, please let us know by sending email to

  • Registered Email (Gramedia Digital account): (e.g:
  • Payment Method: (e.g: iTunes/Paypal/t-cash/ATM,etc)
  • Item: (e.g: Tempo Ed. 4251, subscription or single purchase)
  • Transaction no: (if available)
  • Receipt (screenshot):

Book / Magazine / Newspaper that i purchased is incomplete/cannot be acessed/released lately

Please let us know by sending email to

  • Gramedia Digital account:
  • Title / Edition:
  • Elaborate more about your complaint:

I pay for one item, but get charged twice

Let us know by sending both of the screenshots to

  • Gramedia Digital account:
  • Purchased item:
  • Payment method:
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