Qualitative Research Method: Theory and Practice 2nd Edition

Qualitative Research Method: Theory And Practice 2nd Edition Book by Sari Wahyuni

By Sari Wahyuni

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Release Date: 29 October 2019.

"This publication has a very specific and clear goal, which is, to foucs on the needs of a variety or readers, including students, researchers, and teachers of qualitative research methods. This book not only has theoretical considerations, but also has intensely practical consideration. For students of qualitative research methods, this book provides a framework of qualitative research writing and a variety of accounts of experiences related to interview, focus group discussion (FGD), and different levels of the important aspects of writing. In addition, for experienced researches as well as teachers of qualittaive research methods, they are encouraged to study, explore, and create those aspects related to the process of qualitative research. Therefore, from this book, students can learn a framework of qualitative research writing; researchers and teachers, too, can hone their previous qualitative research writing skills and deepen their grasp of this area.

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Penerbit Salemba
Author : Sari Wahyuni
Page Count : 296
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