Dream Walker ~ Dreamscape 5 Pillars -Dream 1-Dream Entry

Dream Walker ~ Dreamscape 5 Pillars -Dream 1-Dream Entry Book by Yeo Hui Xuan

By Yeo Hui Xuan

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Release Date: 03 February 2014.

After the Red Bouma incident,Yume and friends return to their normal lives of schooling,taking exams, and destroying Boumas in the Dreamscape. One day, Muca receives an urgent letter from the Superior Court Of Dreams, Unbeknownst to Yume, Muca departed all of a sudden. Back in reality, Yume found a mysterious robe while arranging Yuu Ying's stuff . Out of curiousity, she put on the robe and later found herself summoned into the Dreamscape, undertaking new missions together with the "Five Pillars"... What will be Yume's destiny?

Language : English
Country : Singapore
Publisher : TCZ Studio Pte. Ltd.
Author : Yeo Hui Xuan
Page Count : 23
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