Dewfall Book by B.B. Triatmoko, S.J.

By B.B. Triatmoko, S.J.

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Release Date: 24 January 2019.

Dewfall is a story about a prince, named Dewabrata, who made a journey to find the magical flower utpala or the blue lotus, which can cure all hatred and bring back love to humanity. In his journey he met a beautiful princess Dewi Amba and they both fell in love. He also helped a village woman who later will become a warrior, named Wulandari. She loved Dewabrata, but gently he showed her that he already gave his promise to another woman. While Dewabrata trained himself for the difficult task ahead, his enemy made a trick so that Dewi Amba, thinking that Dewabrata no longer loved her, chose another Prince. Dewabrata's heart was broken when he learnt about this. He also found his stepmother hated him because he was the crowned prince. She wanted the child of her womb who will become the next king. To show his respect to his father, who loved his stepmother, Dewabrata renounced his right as the crowned prince by taking a celibate vow, which will prevent his descendants to make a claim to the throne.

What Dewfall is actually all about? It is about a spiritual journey of every human being to find happiness and the purpose of his or her life on earth.  Those are two things we want most as human beings: happiness and meaning. Dewfall will show us that the journey is unique to its individual as each one learns to see the spark of divinity in one's soul.

We may think of happiness as a temporary state of feeling good brought on by pleasures. By "finding happiness" I mean that every human being wants to experience joy and a deep sense of contentment. We want to know that we have lived fully and experienced what it means to be a human being.

This does not mean a permanent state of bliss but a day-to-day contentment and joy that create the experience we call happiness. At the end of each day, and at the end of our lives, we want what we call a "good tired."

But happiness is not enough for us as human beings. In the biblical words we say, "Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4) We also want to find meaning. If happiness is about the day-to-day experience of contentment and joy, meaning is about the sense that one's life has purpose. Victor Frankl, student of Freud and a survivor of the Nazi death camps, suggested that the search for meaning is the ultimate human drive. We want, most of all, to know that it mattered we were here, to find a reason for being alive.

Happiness is the fulfillment of all our needs, physical, emotional or psychological. Meaning is the energy that brings us to move forward in life.

In the story of Dewfall, prince Dewabrata first has to learn to recognise all the movements in his soul. In stage one, the purification of Mind, he has to learn to listen to his innermost dream (symbolised by Thousand Wind), but also to raise up questions and face the challenge of doubts (symbolised by Dancing Rock). In the stage two, the purification of Feelings, Dewabrata had to learn about love and hate, vengeance and forgiveness and other wild movement of feelings.

Language : Indonesian
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Kanisius
Author : B.B. Triatmoko, S.J.
Page Count : 177
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